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COT5520 Computational Geometry Programming Assignment # 1 Due: September 29, 2003 1. Implement Graham’s scan algorithm for computing convex hull of a set of points on 2D Euclidean plane. 2. Implement Scan line algorithm for finding intersection points of a given set of line segments on 2D Euclidean plane. . Instructions: Both programs should read the input data from a text file, and output the result in another text file (The formats of these text files are provided separately). The input to the convex hull program will be a set of points, and output will be the set of vertices of convex hull in counter clockwise order. The program name should be ConvexHull.cpp and the executable file should be ConvexHull.exe. The input to the
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Unformatted text preview: intersection program will be a set of line segments defined by their endpoints, and output will be the set of intersection points. The program name should be Intersection.cpp and the executable file should be Intersection.exe. Both programs should prompt the user for input file name and output file name. Run your program on the provided test files and submit the output files with your assignment. The program should be well commented and the variable/function names should be self-explanatory. Deliverables: 1. Report 2. Code (Soft copy including all the header files and source files) 3. Executable 4. Output Files Send your assignments by email to [email protected] ....
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