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Lec 4 coscey - TCR rearrangement very similar to Ig...

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Lec 4- T Cell Development 1: the generation of TCR+ thymocytes How to generate a diverse T cell population with functional TCR rearrangements? How to generate a T cell population that is self-MHC restricted? How to ensure that those diverse T cell receptors are not self reactive? Alpha-beta vs gamma-delta T cell expression CD4 vs CD8 coreceptor expression Thymus: T cell development! Scid mutation: no B or T cells Nude mutation: no thymus DN DP ImmatureT (cortex)= DN1-DN4 T cell devel stages in thymus. **MatureT (medulla)= Thymus DP : Spleen DN,CD4-CD8+,CD4+CD8- Most T cells fail to mature completely (most T cell die in thymus; rid by macrophage)
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Unformatted text preview: TCR rearrangement very similar to Ig rearrangement preT – alpha: beta chain rearrangement successful stim alpha chain rearrangement; if inproper beta chian new TCR beta (RAG expression) TCR beta req for DN DP pTCR independent of ligand; doesn’t require extracellular domains; beta selection leads to proliferation (DN2 & DN3) DN: cd44+cd25- cd44+cd25+ preTCR prolif (beta rearrangement) DP: CD8+CD4+ TCR (alpha rearrangement) TCRalpha rearrangment removes the delta locus Gamma-delta T cells: in fetus; DETC: wound healing; don’t need MHC to bind to Ag...
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Lec 4 coscey - TCR rearrangement very similar to Ig...

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