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General Ecology/PCB 4044C Assignment #3: Due at the beginning of class, Thursday 1/21/10 Using the information covered in chapters 4 and 5 in your textbook and the required reading by Ellis and Ramankutty (2008), please provide short answers to the following questions. Be prepared to discuss your answers in class on 1/21. 1. Please describe the climate of your hometown based on your childhood memories. 2. Use the anthropogenic biome classification system of Ellis and Ramankutty (2008) to
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Unformatted text preview: identify the biome of your hometown. Describe your observations that support this identification. 3. Now examine the biomes described in chapter 5 of your textbook and use these to classify the biome of natural areas near your hometown. How is this classification of your hometown region similar or different than the anthropogenic biome classification that you made in 2? 4. What natural (chapter 5) or anthropogenic biome would you most like to visit and why?...
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