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Knight et al. online supplemental material 1 Online supplementary material There were no environmental or structural differences among pond types In order to discern whether there were any a priori differences in vegetation structure that might influence pollinator abundance or behaviour independent of dragonflies, we measured vegetation structure at each pond. First, because pollinator behaviour can be affected by shading 28 , we examined whether ponds differed in their proximity to nearby tree canopy. All pond margins where H. fasciculatum occurred had 0% overhead blockage by trees, and there was no difference between ponds with and without fish in their distance to the forest edge (range 20-50 m; t-test; t = 1.35; df = 6; P > 0.23). Further, H. fasciculatum is the tallest species on the margin of each pond, and only tall grasses such as Panicum hemitomon and Zizaniopsis miliacea , which also dominate pond margins, were ever close in height to this shrub. However, because these grasses do not reach full size until later in the summer, they do not likely interfere with H. fasciculatum pollination during the spring blooming period. Finally, if ponds with and without fish differed systematically in their surrounding vegetation structure (especially co-flowering species), this might influence the pollination of our focal species, H. fasciculatum . To examine this, we measured percent cover of plant species ( N = 29 species) at each pond from 20 1m
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Knight_et_al_supplementary_info - Knight et al. online...

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