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Silvia_Review questions

Silvia_Review questions - REVIEW QUESTIONS These questions...

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REVIEW QUESTIONS: These questions are meant to 1) give you an idea of the style of exam questions you might expect from us and 2) highlight some of the concepts we feel are most important. These review questions are by no means inclusive of everything that will be on the exam but we highly recommend using them in your studying. Please email and/or schedule office hours with us if you have questions. At first, the number of questions may seem overwhelming. However, if you have been attending the lectures, reviewing the powerpoints and reading the book, you should be able to answer them quickly. If you are having trouble answering these questions, use this as a constructive indicator that you might have a fair amount of work to do before the exam. Answers are due on Thursday, 25 February before 11am and will count as one homework assignment. To limit the pages you need to print, you can create a separate document with just your answers. Some answers require sketching diagrams or graphs, which can be done using Word or you can just draw by hand. This homework assignment will be graded as pass/fail and will not be returned. Please print in double sided format if possible! Lecture 8-Energy and NPP Concepts: 1. Ecosystem Ecology 2. Pool 3. Flux 4. Inputs 5. Outputs 6. Ecological efficiency 7. Assimilation efficiency 8. Ingested and egested energy 9. Assimilated, excreted, and respired energy 10. Energy budget 11. Second law of thermodynamics 12. Gross Primary Production (GPP) 13. Net Primary Productivity (NPP) Questions: 1. From an energetic point of view, please explain why it would be more efficient to be a vegetarian than a meat eater. 2. Using your knowledge of energy flows across trophic levels, please answer the following question: If cattle are fed corn and a person eats only steak, how many kg of corn would be required to “build” a 60 kg person? How many kg of corn would it take to “build” a person that only eats corn? Explain. Please disregard all nutritional issues of eating only corn or steak. 3. A Florida scrub jay eats around 6,000 acorns per year. Each acorn has a nutritional value of 0.1 kcal. For each acorn the scrub jay eats, he excretes an equivalent of 0.02 kcal. a)Which is the assimilated energy that the scrub jay obtains from acorns each year? b) What is the assimilation efficiency of acorns by the scrub jay? c) Is this efficiency typical of herbivores eating seeds yes/no? d) Would you predict that the assimilation efficiency would be higher for berries or for acorns? Why? 1
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4. (A)Which is the largest input of carbon to terrestrial ecosystems? (B)Who does it? (C) and where does the energy for this process come from? 5. Rank these global carbon reservoirs in order from largest to smallest, with 1 as the largest and six as the smallest (5 points). ____Atmosphere
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Silvia_Review questions - REVIEW QUESTIONS These questions...

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