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Lec 2: How T Cells recognize Ag: The TCR TCR structure and signaling 1. ID of TCR Difficult ID because TCR not soluble (no secreted form) Experiment 1: monoclonal antibody approach (allison) Immunize mice with a T cell clone Prooved every T cell unique to a pathogen Take away the T cell cDNA that hybridize with B cell mRNA (rid similar lymphocytes)
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Unformatted text preview: Use electrophoresis to see if the unhybridized T cell cDNA have gene rearrangement (f so, prooves there’s TCR) 2. Structure of TCR TCR: an alpha-beta heterodimer 3. TCR signal transduction after T cell activation changes in gene expression (for differentiation into effector + memory cells – all with same TCR) a. Early signaling pathway b. Downstream pathways...
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