2010M1K_E10 - GLY 2010 - Section 51060 June 7, 2010 60...

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1 GLY 2010 - Section 51060 Name June 7, 2010 60 points Z # 26 students took exam Evolution of the Earth KEY -- Midterm THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK, CLOSED NOTE EXAMINATION. ANY USE OF BOOKS, NOTES, ETC. IS CHEATING. ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES (CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS, ETC.) MUST BE TURNED OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT. USE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES IS CHEATING. ANY FORM OF CHEATING WILL RESULT IN AN F IN THE COURSE AND REFERRAL TO THE STUDENT CONDUCT COMMITTEE FOR FURTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION. This test is designed to take fifty minutes. The lecture will start at 11:30, or five minutes after the last student completes the exam, whichever is earlier. If you finish early, check your exam. Be sure you answered all questions. You may turn in your examination and take a break until the lecture begins. Answers to the True-False and Multiple choice portions of the exam must be on a BLUE SCANTRON, with your name and Z number entered and bubbled in. Numbers in red to the left of the question number are the percent of incorrect responses. Blue text is instructor comments, not on the original test. True-False - Bubble in the letter A on the SCANTRON if the statement is true, or B if the statement is false. (1 point each) 52 F 1. Bowen's reaction series predicts the sizes of the different mineral grains that grow from crystallizing magmas. 0 T 2. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates with a master's degree in geoscience can expect excellent job opportunities. 4 T 3. The earth is a differentiated planet, with layers of different composition and density. 4 F 4. The atmosphere of the early earth (i.e. about 4 billion years ago) contained about the same amount of oxygen as today’s earth. 12 T 5. An atom is composed of mostly empty space, with more then 99% of its mass concentrated in the nucleus. 20 T 6. Ore formation is the result of natural processes which concentrate one or more elements. 4 T 7. Mining often produces environmental problems which are very costly to fix.
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2 32 F 8. The goal of all mining is to recover metallic elements which are useful to man. 32 T 9. In the rock cycle, it is possible for any type of rock to eventually be transformed into any other type of rock. 52 F 10. An igneous rock with an aphanetic texture is most likely intrusive. 44 F 11. Large volcanic eruptions emit so much heat that they may warm the earth’s climate for several years. 0 T 12. A violent eruption of Mt. Pelée on the island of Martinique in 1902 produced a nuée ardentee which killed approximately 29,000 people in a matter of minutes. 16 F 13. Chemical weathering slows down in the absence of water, but still proceeds slowly, whereas physical weathering rates go to zero in the absence of water. 0 T
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2010M1K_E10 - GLY 2010 - Section 51060 June 7, 2010 60...

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