t2(2) - of building the enclosure. (a) Draw a picture,...

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Methods of Calculus MAC3233 Test 2 October 14, 1994 Instructions: Do not write your answers on this paper, use separate answer sheets. This is a closed-book test. No calculators are allowed to be used. To receive credit, you must show all work. 1. f ( x ) = 8 x + 2 x - 1 (a) f 0 ( x ) = ? f 00 ( x ) = ? (b) Find all relative extreme points. (c) Sketch the graph and label each asymptote. 2. The owner of a garden shop plans to build a 990-square-foot rectangular enclosure on the store’s property in order to display some potted plants. Three sides of the enclosure will be built of chain-link fencing, at a cost of $25 per running foot. The fourth side will be built of cement blocks, at a cost of $30 per running foot. The owner wants to minimize the total cost
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Unformatted text preview: of building the enclosure. (a) Draw a picture, assigning variable names to the dimensions. (b) Give the objective equation. (c) Give the constraint equation. (d) Find the dimensions that minimize the cost. 3. An orchard produces a profit of $50 a tree when planted with 1000 trees. Because of overcrowding, the profit per tree (for each tree in the orchard) is reduced by $0.10 for each additional tree planted. How many trees should be planted to maximize the total profit from the orchard? 4. The demand equation for a certain commodity is p = 1 3 x 2-40 x + 1500, ≤ x ≤ 50. Find the value of x and the corresponding price p that maximize the revenue. 1...
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