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Methods of Calculus, Test 2L February 25, 2002 Instructions: Write your complete solutions in your exam book. Do not write on this paper. This is a closed-book test. No calculators are allowed to be used. You are not required to simplify your answers. (1) Sketch the graphs of the following functions, indicating all asymptotes, relative extreme points and in±ection points. (a) y = x 3 - 3 x 2 - 9 x + 11 (b) y = 1 x + 4 x + 1 (2) Vermin have been vandalizing the local horticultural club’s herbaceous an- nuals. To protect their plants, the club intends to enclose a rectangular garden of area 500 square feet. Three sides of the fence are constructed with materials that cost $40 per linear foot.
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Unformatted text preview: The fourth side is a picket fence that costs $24 per linear foot. Find the dimensions of the garden such that the cost of materials is minimized. (3) A distributor expects to sell 490 cases of fresh Florida orange juice during the coming season. Assume that sales are at a steady rate throughout the season. Carrying costs, based on the average number of cases in stock, amount to $200 per case per season. The costs for placing an order with the producer is $1000 per order. Determine the economic order quantity, that is, the order quantity that minimizes the inventory cost for the season....
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