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anc1 - from me in 48 hours please feel free to seed me your...

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Announcement 2/5/11 1. For sending email messages to [email protected]: Please include COP 3813 on your subject line for any issues related to this course to expedite the processing of your email messages. Don’t send anonymous email messages. Please specify your name in your email messages. It is my practice to reply to email messages within a 24-hour time frame, but not longer than 48 hours. However, in case you don’t hear
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Unformatted text preview: from me in 48 hours, please feel free to seed me your email message again, with the same subject line but put (2) at the end. This will elevate it to a higher priority category. 2. No preview of any homework assignments. Feel free to ask questions about your homework assignments. However, please don’t send me your homework and ask for suggestions for improvements....
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