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anc2 - Are the links provided enough(All daily activities...

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Announcement 2/6/11 Homework assignment #1 has been graded. You may view your grades and related comments online. Please feel free to see me or contact the grader should you have any questions regarding the grading of your homework assignment. The following criteria were checked in grading this homework assignment: Is it an international trip? (Not a trip within USA) Are the links provided valid? (Relevant information can be brought up again by clicking on the links.) Are the links provided specific? (One click will lead to the right place.)
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Unformatted text preview: Are the links provided enough? (All daily activities are reasonably justifiable.) Is the information given in the report taken from the Web or is it just an estimate? Is there a cost (or explanation) associated with each activity? Is there a subtotal for each of the various types of expenses and total for the entire trip? Does most of the information come from a variety of sources or from only one or two web sites? (The latter goes against the purpose of the assignment.) Is the main file named tripPlan. ext ?...
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