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anc4 - b A sample test can be accessed at...

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Announcement 3/2/11 1. About your midterm a) Some infor: Date: 3/21/11, Monday Place: Your classroom Scope: Chapters 4-11 of your textbook, and your homework assignments 1-3. It will be an open textbook and class notes test. However, no other reference materials will be allowed.
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Unformatted text preview: b) A sample test can be accessed at: http://www.cse.fau.edu/~sam/course/intro_ic/test/midterm09s.pdf c) There will be a review session for the midterm on 3/14/09, Monday. 2. About your HW#3 • The due date of your homework assignment is 3/16/11, Wednesday, before 11:00pm...
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