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anc5 - http/lamp.cse.fau.edu/~ yourLoginID/php/try.php 3...

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Announcement 3/22/11 1. All PHP examples from Chapter 23 of your textbook are available online. They can be accessed via the following format: http://lamp.cse.fau.edu/~samh/php/ programName e.g., http://lamp.cse.fau.edu/~samh/php/arrays.php 2. A directory named public_html has been created in your home directory on the student server, lamp.cse.fau.edu . The apache server on lamp will search for your PHP files starting from this directory. For example, if you have a file named try.php under a subdirectory named php in this directory, it can be accessed via:
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Unformatted text preview: http://lamp.cse.fau.edu/~ yourLoginID /php/try.php 3. You need to pay attention to the directory and file permissions in your public_html directory. All subdirectories should have 755 permission, whereas files should have 644 permission. You may issue the following commands to change permissions: chmod 755 directoryName(s) chmod 644 fileName(s) Note: To protect your home directory, you may issue the following command in your home directory to prevent unauthorized accesses to you files in the directory: chmod 711 $HOME...
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