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anc5 - multi-pass process as explained in class before For...

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Announcement 6/23/11 1. Final grades The final gradings for this course should be done by next Monday, 6/27/10. As mentioned in the beginning of the course, the final grades for this course will be curved, based on the final class average. It will be calculated by adding all grade points up (exams and homework assignments) and divided by the total number of students who have finished the course. The assignments of the final letter grades will be a
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Unformatted text preview: multi-pass process, as explained in class before. For those who would like to know their overall performance in the class, please send me email with subject COP 4610 Final Grade no sooner than 6/27/11. You may leave the email body part empty unless you have some questions to ask. I will email you back all scores you have earned in this course. 2. The grading for your homework #2 should be done by this weekend also....
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