Case-Glaxo - GLAXO.XLS This spreadsheet supports student...

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GLAXO.XLS Please note: Revised: June 3, 1998. Copyright (C) 1998 by the Trustees of the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation This spreadsheet supports student analysis of the case, "Glaxo Italia S.p.A.: The Zinnat Marketing Decision" (UVA -F- 1014 v. 2.1) This is a working model. Assumptions / Inputs presented can be changed to vary the results.
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Exhibit 8 Forecast Assumptions 1990 1990 1990 Price to Content of Manufacturer Transfer Price First Year Years 2+ Retail Cust. Key Raw Price to Of Ingredients Product Mix Product Mix lira Materials (gr) Retailer (lira/gr) Pills sold by Glaxo 85% 80% 34,400.0 3.0 20,984.0 1,566.0 Syrup sold by Glaxo 15% 20% 29,880.0 2.5 18,226.8 1,566.0 Pills sold by Licensee 40% 40% Syrup sold by Licensee 60% 60% Marginal tax rate - Italy 47.0% Marginal tax rate - UK 29.0% Expected inflation rate - Italian lira 0.0% Expected inflation rate - UK, pounds, sterling 5.0% Yearly percentage increase in cost per sales rep. 12.0% Yearly decline in market share after year 6 5.0% Extra growth in direct sales 0.0% Savings in promotional effort direct sales vs. co-marketing 25.0% Licensee fee (% of Zinnat revenues to licensee) 4.0% Working capital required/Sales 16.7% Glaxo Holdings, interest rate and internal charge for capital 12.5% 1990 1991 1992
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Case-Glaxo - GLAXO.XLS This spreadsheet supports student...

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