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Answers and Solutions: 3- 3 3-2 The four financial statements contained in most annual reports are the balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows. 3-3 No, because the $20 million of retained earnings would probably not be held as cash. The retained earnings figure represents the reinvestment of earnings by the firm. Consequently, the $20 million would be an investment in all of the firm’s assets. 3-5 Operating capital is the amount of interest bearing debt, preferred stock, and common equity used to acquire the company’s net operating assets. Without this capital a firm cannot exist, as there is no source of funds with which to finance operations. 3-6 NOPAT is the amount of net income a company would generate if it had no debt and held no financial assets. NOPAT is a better measure of the performance of a company’s operations because debt lowers income. In order to get a true reflection of a company’s
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Unformatted text preview: operating performance, one would want to take out debt to get a clearer picture of the situation. 3-7 Free cash flow is the cash flow actually available for distribution to investors after the company has made all the investments in fixed assets and working capital necessary to sustain ongoing operations. It is the most important measure of cash flows because it shows the exact amount available to all investors. 3-8 If the business were organized as a partnership or a proprietorship, its income could be taken out by the owners without being subject to double taxation. Also, if you expected to have losses for a few years while the company was getting started, if you were not incorporated, and if you had outside income, the business losses could be used to offset your other income and reduce your total tax bill. These factors would lead you to not incorporate the business. An alternative would be to organize as an S Corporation, if requirements are met....
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