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Answers and Solutions: 11 - 2 f. Capital projects with nonnormal cash flows have a large cash outflow either sometime during or at the end of their lives. A common problem encountered when evaluating projects with nonnormal cash flows is multiple IRRs. A project has normal cash flows if one or more cash outflows (costs) are followed by a series of cash inflows. g. The hurdle rate is the project cost of capital, or discount rate. It is the rate used in discounting future cash flows in the NPV method, and it is the rate that is compared to the IRR. The mathematics of the NPV method imply that project cash flows are reinvested at the cost of capital while the IRR method assumes reinvestment at the IRR. Since project cash flows can be replaced by new external capital which costs r, the proper reinvestment rate assumption is the cost of capital, and thus the best capital budget decision rule is NPV. h.
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