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Assignment #5 - Assignment #5 GE's Work-Out The type of...

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Assignment #5 GE’s Work-Out The type of change by GE where employees are encouraged to make improvements to the way things are currently done appears to be an example of Adaptation. The reason is that companies react to changes in the company that need to be made and make incremental changes after the suggestion has been adopted. However, GE encouraging mangers to be able to identify problems and make speedy decisions and actions appears to be an example of fine tuning. The reason for this is that the action is anticipatory, and managers are encouraged to make incremental changes. Revolutionary changes where managers completely depart from the company’s ideology aren’t encouraged. The process should work, since companies need to be able to adapt to the situation depending on the circumstances. If the company isn’t able to address its issue than they will fall down in productivity, and may risks bankruptcy. Other companies will get ahead of them, and gain an advantage in the sector that GE is competing with. Adapting and fine-tuning allows a company to be effective and allows them to stay on
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