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Chemical Engineering Department University of Florida ECH 4323L REVISED VERSION FINAL PROJECT COMPUTER SIMULATION STUDIES OF PID CONTROL LOOP DYNAMICS USING SIMULINK Student Name:______________________________ 1.0 Create a SIMULINK program as illustrated in the figure below, that carries out a computer simulation of a closed-loop system consisting of a first-order plus dead time process y ( s ) K s 1 e s u ( s ) d ( s ) where is a disturbance signal, and a standard PID controller with transfer function d ( s ) u ( s ) K c 1 1 I s D s e ( s ) where e ( s ) r ( s ) y ( s ) is the feedback error. 1.1 Consider the case where the process parameters are K 2 , 1 , and 5 . 1.1.1 Tune the controller for P-only servo-performance using the following tuning techniques: (a) the Ziegler-Nichols process reaction curve method, and (b) the © Oscar D. Crisalle 1997-2010
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