Homework 07 - First Order Response

Homework 07 - First Order Response - functions in a fashion...

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Chemical Engineering Department University of Florida ECH 4323 Process Control Theory HOMEWORK No. 7 — FIRST-ORDER RESPONSE 1.0 Exercise 5.1 (a)-(b) Hint for part (a): Express the doublet pulse given in the figure as a sum of three step functions, two of which are appropriately delayed in time. Hint for part (b): Use the Real-Translation Theorem (transport-delay) to invert Y(s). 2.0 Exercise 5.2 3.0 Exercise 5.3 4.0 Exercise 5.4 Hint : You may find it convenient to express the rectangular pulse as a sum of two step
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Unformatted text preview: functions, in a fashion similar to the hint given above for Exercise 5.1 (a). 5.0 Exercise 5.5 Hint: Describe the bead of the thermocouple through the energy balance ( ) T T UA dt T mC d s s p ! = ) ( . 6.0 Exercise 5.6 Hints : (b) Evaluate the response given at t = ! 1 + ! 2 . (c) Use G = G 1 G 2 and your knowledge of how the poles of the Laplace-domain response affect the oscillatory nature of the response on the time domain. OPTIONAL: 7.0 Exercise 5.7 8.0 Exercise 5.8 9.0 Exercise 5.9...
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