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Homework 09 - Modeling and TF

Homework 09 - Modeling and TF - state conditions Make sure...

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Chemical Engineering Department University of Florida ECH 4323 Process Control Theory HOMEWORK No. 9 Special instructions for exercise 5.21 of the textbook Using the problem statement 5.21 of the textbook, address the following issues: a. Write a total mass balance (assume that the density is constant, and that the density of the mixture is equal to that of the individual species) and a species (component A) mass balance. b. Write an energy balance for the system. c. Linearize the equations obtained in (a)-(b) and take the Laplace transform to obtain two equations in the Laplace variable s. Note that there are two outputs, namely C’ A (s) and T’(s), and two inputs, namely T’ i (s) and C’ A i (s). Make sure that you work using deviation variables. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE OPERATING POINT VARIABLES FOR THEIR NUMERICAL VALUES. For example, keep the inlet concentration at the operating point indicated by the symbol C Ai , instead of its numerical value 0.8 lb-mol/ft 3 .
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