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Lab 03b-M files and Plots

Lab 03b-M files and Plots - Chemical Engineering Department...

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Chemical Engineering Department University of Florida ECH 4323L / COT 3502 / ECH 6326 LABORATORY 3B MATLAB PLOTS AND M-FILES Student Name: _______________________________ 1.0 Practice Assignment Activate MATLAB and try out all the commands discussed in class concerning plotting, creating M-files, and using while, for, and if structures. Note that you can create an M-file from the MATLAB command window by selecting the menu entries File -> New -> M-file . It is possible to edit an existing M-file by selecting File -> Open. You may want to receive interactive help from MATLAB on selected command. For example, to obtain a description of the command diary , type >>help diary . 2.0 Generate a plot of the function y = log 10 (x) for values of x between 0.0001 and 100. Use increments of 0.01 for x. The plot must conform to the following specifications (i) Plot the data using a dotted line. (ii) Include a title, an x-label, a y-label, and a grid. IMPORTANT : include your name and the date as part of the title of your graph.
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