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© Oscar D. Crisalle 1997-2010 Chemical Engineering Department University of Florida ECH 4323L / ECH 6326 / COT 3502 / ECH4123 LABORATORY 5 COMPUTER SIMULATION STUDIES OF THE DYNAMICS OF AN OPEN-LOOP SYSTEM USING SIMULINK Student Name:______________________________ Download the file available in the link entitled SIMULINK MINIGUIDE (UT-AUSTIN/UC- Santa Barbara Tutorial) from the course web site. You will find the link in the Matlab Resources page. Follow the instructions given in steps 1.1 to 1.12, which follow the subtitle “Construction of an Open-Loop Block Diagram (Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7)” found on page 2 of the document. Note that the variable referred to as “load” and denoted as l(t) or L(s) in the Miniguide is what we call “disturbance” d(t) or D(s) in our lectures. All variables shown in the Miniguide are deviation variables. Make sure you make of copy of the file you create, as suggested in step 1.12, so that you can reuse the file in the next laboratory exercise. You may find it convenient to mail the file to
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