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Related Rates Examples Example 1 Air is being pumped into a spherical balloon at a rate of 5 cm 3 /min. Determine the rate at which the radius of the balloon is increasing when the diameter of the balloon is 20 cm. Example 2 A 15 foot ladder is resting against the wall. The bottom is initially 10 feet away from the wall and is being pushed towards the wall at a rate of 1 4 ft/sec. How fast is the top of the ladder moving up the wall 12 seconds after we start pushing? Example 3 A tank of water in the shape of a cone is leaking water at a constant rate of 2 ft hour . The base radius of the tank is 5 ft and the height of the tank is 14 ft. (a) At what rate is the depth of the water in the tank changing when the depth of the water is 6 ft? (b)
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