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Unformatted text preview: PROC IMPORT DATAFILE="C:\STA5701\...your path here...\HW5HBAT.xls" OUT=HBAT DBMS=excel2000 REPLACE; SHEET="sheet1"; GETNAMES=yes; run; / /*see page 802 of your text for variable definitions */ data vHBAT; set HBAT; v1=AC1; /* AC = attitudes towards coworkers */ v2=AC2; v3=AC3; v v4=AC4; v5=EP1; /* EP = environmental perceptions */ v6=EP2; v7=EP3; v v8=EP4; v9=JS1; /* JS = job satisfaction */ v10=JS2; v11=JS3; v12=JS4; v v13=JS5; v14=OC1; /* OC = organizational committment */ v15=OC2; v16=OC3; v v17=OC4; v18=SI1; /* SI = staying intentions */ v19=SI2; v20=SI3; v21=SI4; keep v1-v21; r run; ...
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