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HWLitReview - STA 4702/5701 Alternate Homework Due in class...

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STA 4702/5701 Alternate Homework Due in class by April 23. Literature Review You may choose an article from the primary literature that deals with a multivariate technique. The article can either be a science discipline paper analyzing data, or it can be a statistical methods paper. Your grade on the review article can be used to replace your lowest homework grade or can be submitted instead of one homework. Your review paper should include an Introduction section that briefly describes and summa- rizes the research presented in the article. For discipline papers, the next section should be the Review section that will describe your assessment as to how well the investigators implemented the multivariate technique. Did they perform adequate exploratory analysis? Does their Results section makes sense? Did they interpret the output from the technique in an interpretable manner in the context of the problem? Did they perform an adequate validation of the model? How well did the multivariate technique answer the
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