ex7_9 - 1.1; -2.00; 0; 0];;Q = [0; 0; -0.70; 0; 0];%...

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% Example 7.9 bus system data % Number of generator busesng = 2;% Number of load busesnl = 3;% Number of busesn = ng+nl; % Ybus (from the last homework)A=zeros(8,5);y15=.9323-j*12.4301; A(1,1)=1; A(1,5)=-1;y25=.4464-j*4.9598; A(2,2)=1; A(2,5)=-1; y45=.8928-j*9.9197; A(3,4)=1; A(3,5)=-1; y24=.2232-j*2.4799; A(4,2)=1; A(4,4)=-1; y34=1.8645-j*24.8602; A(5,3)=1; A(5,4)=-1; ys25=j*.22/2; ys24=j*.43/2; ys45=j*.11/2; % Form Y y20=ys24+ys25; A(6,2)=1;y40=ys24+ys45; A(7,4)=1;y50=ys25+ys45; A(8,5)=1; Yl=diag([y15; y25; y45; y24; y34; y20; y40; y50]);Y=A'*Yl*A% Power injections (unknown values set to 0)P = [0;
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Unformatted text preview: 1.1; -2.00; 0; 0];;Q = [0; 0; -0.70; 0; 0];% Specified voltages (unknown magnitudes set to 1 unknown angles set to 0) V=[1.0; 1.05; 1.0; 1.0; 1.0];delta=zeros(5,1); % Relabel buses so bus 1 is slack and bus 2 is the generator busYbus=[Y(1,1) Y(1,3) Y(1,2) Y(1,4:5); Y(3,1) Y(3,3) Y(3,2) Y(3,4:5); Y(2,1) Y(2,3) Y(2,2) Y(2,4:5); Y(4:5,1) Y(4:5,3) Y(4:5,2) Y(4:5,4:5)] % B1 and B2 for calculating angle and voltage updates respectivelyBp=-imag(Ybus-diag(sum(Ybus))); %B' with neglecting any shunt capacitance Bpp = -imag(Ybus); % Neglect phase-shifting transformers but none here N...
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