nr_lflow - deltaQ(ng+1:n)./abs(V(ng+1:n))]; V =...

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% Full Newton Raphson Method % tolerance=0.01; % Allowable error iter=0; % Iteration count maxiter=50; % Maximum number of iterations time=cputime; % cpu time reset % Input load data ex7_9; e % Calculate the initial mismatches deltaP = zeros(n,1); deltaQ = zeros(n,1); V = V.*(cos(delta)+j*sin(delta)); S=V.*conj(Ybus*V); % Power injections deltaP(2:n) = P(2:n) - real(S(2:n)); deltaQ(ng+1:n) = Q(ng+1:n) - imag(S(ng+1:n)) error=max(abs(deltaP+j*deltaQ)); e % Initialize the update vectors deltadelta=zeros(n,1); deltaV=zeros(n,1); d % Iteration loop iter=iter+1; % Calculation of jacobian and inverse jacobian; J Jinv=J^(-1); % update angles at PV and PQ buses deltadelta(2:n) = Jinv(1:n-1,:)*[deltaP(2:n); deltaQ(ng+1:n)./abs(V(ng+1:n))]; delta = delta+deltadelta; % update voltages at PQ buses only deltaV(ng+1:n)= Jinv(n:2*n-ng-1,:)*[deltaP(2:n);
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Unformatted text preview: deltaQ(ng+1:n)./abs(V(ng+1:n))]; V = abs(V)+deltaV; V = V.*(cos(delta)+j*sin(delta)); % Calculation of injections based on calculated voltage S = V.*conj(Ybus*V); % Mismatches based on calculated voltage deltaP(2:n) = P(2:n) - real(S(2:n)); deltaQ(ng+1:n) = Q(ng+1:n) - imag(S(ng+1:n)); error=max(abs(deltaP+j*deltaQ)); % New error end e % Solution % Voltages Vmag=abs(V) delta=angle(V)*180/pi % Injections S = V.*conj(Ybus*V); % Calculation of line flows Sflow = zeros(n,1); for ii=1:n % Negative since Ybusij is the negative of the line admittance for jj=ii+1:n if Ybus(ii,jj) ~= 0, Sflow(ii,jj) = - V(ii)*conj((V(ii)-V(jj))*Ybus(ii,jj)); end if Ybus(jj,ii) ~= 0, Sflow(jj,ii) = - V(jj)*conj((V(jj)-V(ii))*Ybus(jj,ii)); end end end e % Iterations and computations iter time=cputime-time...
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nr_lflow - deltaQ(ng+1:n)./abs(V(ng+1:n))]; V =...

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