PSS_Design - % Calculation of K constants % (Linearized...

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% Calculation of K constants % (Linearized power system model) % % Operational parameters for generator (in p.u. except where noted) Ra=0.00; % Armature resistance Xd=1.81; % d-axis synchronous reactance Xq=1.76; % q-axis synchronous reactance Xdp=0.2; % Xd' d-axis transient reactance Td0p=8.0; % Open circuit d-axis transient time constant T % Mechanical constants H=5; % Inertia constant KD=0.00; % Damping constant (mechanical damping) Pm=0.8; % Mechanical power input % % Network parameters (pre-fault) Pload=Pm; % Neglecting armature resistance EB=1.0; % Infinite bus voltage XE=0.35; % Transmission line equivalent reactance RE = Ra; % Transmission line equivalent impedance (armature resistance lumped in) XTq = XE+Xq; % Equivalent series q-axis reactance - Intermediary variable XTd = XE+Xdp; % Equivalent series d-axis reactance - Intermediary variable D = RE^2 + XTq*XTd; % Intermediary variable % % Excitation system KA = 200; % Exciter gain TA = 0.02; % Voltage transducer time constant Vt =1.05;
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PSS_Design - % Calculation of K constants % (Linearized...

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