PVtwobustemplate (1)

PVtwobustemplate(1) - High voltage solution Preceived(i)=-P(2 Preceived(400-i)=-P(2 else take previous solution when no solution

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A% File to generate PV curve % % Example 2 bus system data clear all; c % Voltages and Ybus - only reactance is needed for this problem V=[1.05; 1.0]; X=0.2; Ybus=j*[-1/X 1/X;1/X -1/X]; for i=1:200 P = [0; -i/40]; Q = [0; -i/100]; % Solve explicitly ... if . .. % solution exists Vreceived(i)=. ..; % High voltage solution Vreceived(400-i)=.
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Unformatted text preview: ..; % High voltage solution Preceived(i)=-P(2); Preceived(400-i)=-P(2); else % take previous solution when no solution Vreceived(i)=Vreceived(i-1); Vreceived(400-i)=Vreceived(i-1); Preceived(i)=Preceived(i-1); Preceived(400-i)=Preceived(i-1); end end; plot(Preceived,Vreceived); hold on; h...
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