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Voltage Stability Guide - Western Electricity Coordinating...

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Unformatted text preview: Western Electricity Coordinating Council Guide to WECC/NERC Planning Standards I.D: Voltage Support and Reactive Power Prepared by: Reactive Reserve Working Group (RRWG) Under the auspices of Technical Studies Subcommittee (TSS) Approved by TSS March 30, 2006 Preface Voltage stability has been a topic of interest within the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (formerly the Western Systems Coordinating Council) since the early nineties. In 1992, the Technical Studies Subcommittee (TSS) commissioned the Margin Study Work Group (MSWG) to investigate the need for establishing transmission margins. The group issued two reports – one in 1993 1 and the other in 1995 2 . As a result of the July and August 1996 disturbances in the WECC region, TSS established the Reactive Reserve Working Group (RRWG) in November 1996 in response to the recommendations stemming from a report on these disturbances stating a need to implement the following: • Reactive Power Margin Studies Methodology • Undervoltage Load Shedding Schemes Guidelines The group was mandated to develop a methodology for conducting reactive power reserve studies as well as develop reactive power reserve requirements for the WECC system. The group was also tasked with investigating and reporting on real-time voltage stability assessment methodologies as well as with determining if it is possible to design a generic undervoltage load shedding scheme. A report entitled “Voltage Stability Criteria, Undervoltage Load Shedding Strategy and Reactive Power Reserve Monitoring Methodology” was prepared by RRWG and subsequently approved by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) Board of Trustees in 1998. This document formally established the first set of reliability criteria applicable to WECC member-systems related to the establishment of regimented reactive power margin studies. An accompanying document entitled “Undervoltage Load Shedding Guidelines” was published in 1999 by the Undervoltage Load Shedding Task Force (UVLSTF) in an effort to provide clarity on the complex and the then emerging area of research – undervoltage load shedding (UVLS). In July 2001, a report entitled “Summary of WECC Voltage Stability Assessment Methodology” was published for the purpose of providing step-by-step guidelines on the undertaking of a reactive power margin study. This report was the culmination of a joint effort between the TSS and the Reliability Subcommittee (RS) and incorporated some changes based upon the experiences of WECC members in implementing the provisions in the predecessor report. 1 Technical Studies Subcommittee, Margin Study Report, Phase I, August 27, 1993. 2 WECC Margin Study Work Group, Phase II Report, June 15, 1995....
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Voltage Stability Guide - Western Electricity Coordinating...

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