Audience usage of social networks

Audience usage of social networks - W HITE P APER Use of...

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Unformatted text preview: W HITE P APER Use of Online Social Networks Results of US User Survey (June 2009) Use of Online Social Networks Page 1 Executive Summary This survey initiative was undertaken to address a surprising lack of detailed public research on how people in the US over 18 years old are using online social networks. Social is the keyword in ¡online social networks.¢ Users stay in touch with friends and family, and, to a much lesser extent, stay in touch with business associates or discuss other online activities. Over two-thirds of users have posted photos (81%), responded to posts of others (72%), and updated activities or posted thoughts (68%) on networking sites. As expected, we found that Facebook and MySpace are the most popular online networking sites, that Facebook and MySpace users have the largest average number of ¡friends¢ (138 and 174, respectively), and that the typical user belongs to two social networking sites. Younger users (18-24) consult their social network significantly more than older adults (35-54) before making decisions. These younger users have integrated social networks into their lives to such an extent that it suggests that social networks have become a trusted resource for their decision making. Online social networkers are spending an average of 22 hours weekly on these networking sites (with the average for women significantly higher than for men), and those accessing these sites from work are spending over 6.6 hours weekly. No online activity ranked higher in importance than online social networking other than email. Online chat/instant messaging, texting, web browsing and micro-blogging (e.g., Twitter) all trail social networking in importance. Among offline activities, going out with friends is the only activity ranked higher than online social networking; the specific activities that follow online social networking are exercising with friends, playing games, reading for pleasure, watching TV and participating in sports. Advertisers will note that 38% of respondents have clicked on paid advertising, and a 25% have placed links to a company, product or service on their networking sites. Interestingly, MySpace users are significantly more likely to be men, singles and unmarried couples than are women and married couples. Facebook users spend the most time with their networking sites (over 15 hours/week on average) while users of business sites LinkedIn and Plaxo average 2-3 hours weekly. Four segments were identified using cluster analysis: x ¡Residents¢ are generally logged onto networking sites all day, check and interact with these sites frequently throughout the day, and are more likely to have used social networking sites for over three years....
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Audience usage of social networks - W HITE P APER Use of...

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