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The Apprentice Exercise #1 ISC 441 Issue #1: The local newspaper has published a series of articles that criticize the quality of healthcare in the community. Your client, St. Vincent’s Hospital, was the subject of an article in which a number of facts were misstated. For example, the article said that the hospital had the highest rate of patient deaths in the country. This is literally, true, but the article did not place this fact in perspective by explaining that St. Vincent’s operates the only hospice in the country—a facility where terminally ill patients are cared for until they die. What steps would you take to inform the newspaper of this and get it to print a correction? Issue #2: The Wall Street Journal has announced its editorial calendar for the year.
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Unformatted text preview: The newspaper will devote a special supplement in June to the theme “Work and the Family,” a topic that many experts predict will dominate the corporate agenda in the coming years. As the public relations director for a computer software company, can you think of any story ideas that would get your company mentioned in this special issue? Issue #3 Special events are often organized to generate publicity for an organization. Suggest a special event for each of the following: 1. The 25 th anniversary of a Japanese Restaurant chain 2. A manufacturer of computers 3. A retail clothing store 4. A hospital 5. A charitable agency 6. An insurance company 7. A university The big question: Which team will I hire for each issue??????...
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