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Internal Information Campaign-1

Internal Information Campaign-1 - booming and the company...

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Internal Information Campaign Exercise ISC 441 Air Conditioners Inc. Air Conditioners Incorporated is a medium-sized corporation that manufactures air conditioners for nationwide distribution. Their largest manufacturing plant, employing 546 persons, is located in an industrial park in Synco, PA, and is responsible for 75 percent of their air conditioner production. A new manufacturing plant, CoolTime Inc., has recently begun operations three blocks from the Air Conditioners manufacturing plant. CoolTime is offering beginning wages $2.10 more than the average Air Conditioner employee makes per hour. CoolTime Inc. is able to offer this higher wage because they only provide their employees with minimal health care coverage and no dental care. Several of Air Conditioners employees have already taken positions at CoolTime and the word is that many more are considering leaving because of the higher wage. Air Conditioners knows that it must react now before they lose more personnel. Business is
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Unformatted text preview: booming, and the company cannot afford to lose trained workers. They know it is in their employee's best interest to have health insurance, especially those employees whose families rely on that insurance for their medical care. Air Conditioners' management knows that a higher wage can seem initially appealing, but they want to ensure that employees are considering all the benefits of having health insurance before they make their decision to begin working for CoolTime Inc. Air Conditioners knows that they may need to offer pay raises to their employees if they continue to lose personnel. However, they wish to design an employee relations campaign that focuses on the need for health insurance and the benefit of having that coverage at Air Conditioners Inc. As the public relations director you are responsible for working with the Human Resources department to draft this upcoming campaign. Use the ROPE model to design the campaign....
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