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Crisis Managment Affairs Case The First Woman B-52 Pilot Prior to class on October 23, please conduct secondary research on the case of Lieutenant Kelly Flinn. If you google her name, you will find plenty of information about her case: much of it will be slanted, much of it will be fragmentary, and some of it will be contradictory. Your assignment is to sift through what you find on the web and provide me with the following (typed double spaced on regular bond paper): A 100-word summary of her case A 100-word summary of the public relations problems that ensued
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Unformatted text preview: A 100-word assessment about what could have been done better to manage this situation? Could it have been avoided? Is there a moral to this story in the context of what we are studying in this class? This exercise will equal three case cards, and I will score it on a scale of 30 points. We will discuss it in class on the 23rd, probably more so than the other two cases (however you still will need to assess those for perspective)...
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