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syllabus 441Spring11-1 - ISC 441 Case Studies in Public...

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ISC 441: Case Studies in Public Relations Spring 2011 Whitehall Classroom Bldg. Room 306 (CB 306) Instructor Dr. Phillip Hutchison [email protected] or [email protected] 112 Grehan Building 323-3663 (no answering machine) TH 7:30-10:30; W 12-1 or by appointment Course description This course addresses real world public relations. It examines real communication campaign successes and, in some cases, misfires. The course is designed to help you develop the knowledge base and analytical skills necessary to evaluate public relations programs and campaigns. As a practical result, it provides learning a framework for you to use when designing your own communication campaigns, and it provides a basis for you to advise management on public relations matters. Course Materials Public Relations Cases , 8th Edition, by Hendrix and Hayes. Articles on contemporary issues in the field of communication will also be assigned to supplement the basic course text. Go online to review articles in your local newspaper, or such national newspapers as the New York Times or The Washington Post for examples of organizations promoting communication campaigns. Current PRSA Silver Anvil Cases ( ) Course objectives At the end of the course, each student is expected to: Comprehend the strategic communications planning process. Understand the ROPE (four-step) model of communication campaigns. Understand the relationship between diversity issues and public relations practice. Comprehend the breadth of campaigns conducted by public relations practitioners. Develop professional skills to counsel management on policy action. Learn from experts in the field – what works and what doesn’t. Understand the public relations problem solving process and apply it to current communication problems. Course Philosophy In this course you not only will acquire new knowledge, you also will learn through performing particular professional roles in a simulated professional setting. In the case of ISC 441, the course is designed to focus on a genuine issue relating to public relations pedagogy: Over the past few decades, public relations professionals have critiqued academic public relations programs for not adequately preparing students to counsel management on policy action. Since,
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as a matter of standard practice, public relations professionals regularly are required to conduct secondary research, evaluate information and counsel management under pressure: In ISC 441, you will get to perform this role as you engage a variety of case studies. You will be presented with a variety of situations, and you will need to analyze options and recommend courses of action to the CEO (in ISC 441, I play the role of the CEO). This role requires decision-making under some risk and uncertainty; usually there is no
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syllabus 441Spring11-1 - ISC 441 Case Studies in Public...

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