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Test #1 Prep-1 - 9 Understand how to measure objectives 10...

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ISC 441 Test #1 Study Guide 1. Understand how to evaluate PR campaigns (to include ISC 441 axioms) 2. Understand the types of controlled and uncontrolled information (and how each is best used) 3. Understand the types of qualitative and quantitative research 4. Understand the roles and types of objectives 5. Understand the types and examples of ethical problems related to PR 6. Understand PR functions and PR skills 7. Understand the principles of persuasion strategies 8. Understand key points regarding each case we discussed
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Understand how to measure objectives 10. Understand the tools used to execute the programming phase of campaigns 11. Understand the shortcomings of any particular campaign model 12. Understand the elements of the planning process Test #1 is a 40-question, multiple-choice examination. Each question involves four options. You should select the BEST of the four. 1. The name of your textbook’s author is: a) Jones b) Smith c) Bivins d) Hendrix*...
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