lester superbowl pt2

lester superbowl pt2 - 92 1991 to 1993 butbis blindness...

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Unformatted text preview: 92 1991 to 1993 butbis blindness wasn't an issue. However, in a 1990 spot that aired before the Su~er Bowl, Ray Charles starred in "the ultimate blind taste test" in which Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi were switched.' A SAD CONCLUSION Super Bowl commercials do n~t paint a ~ery pretty (or realistic) women, oldetpeople, those from diverse ethnic cultu,,:s, or those W~th:!J~:~~:~~:; While advertisers spend millions of dollar~ to deliver .th~1f messages to half of America, they ignore and msult the maJonty Is this the best advertisers can do? No. It's just the best a man can get. Ursn()W(1l say, the best a healthy, yOlffig Anglo male can get? and Himbos: Stereotypical ,.L.L.lJlUr:,,'-S of Men in Advertising the middle ofthe most politically correct decade in history, sex is still being used IOs.ell IlOverages. It's all there-lots offlesh, objectification, ogling-all to increase of,. p()pullar'dcinkBut wait. .. this isn't the Swedish Bikini Team and th,tiSl} 't.loe Si:<p'lckdoing the looking. And the sex object on the screen looks more It's a Diet Coke ad so hot some critics say it needs to be followed :brl~~::f:,;~~~:(~In the commercial three women take their daily Diet Coke break ;8 the moment the muscular construction worker across the way discards the words of a 1970s commercial for Virginia Slims, "you've come a baby." But who? The women doing the ogling or the male doing the Th,' bl!unin!: of' g,nd,,, roles is a popular recent trend. At the same time Diet Coke Coke Break" campaign, Hyundai EIantra's "Parking Lot" ,","p.,.utook the idea of women as full participants in the war between the sexes . In the commercial, two women are ridiculing men as they get out of their fane:v sports cars. "Must be compensating for a shortcoming," one says as a from a hot car, But when a hunk arrives in the sensible Elantra, the wonder what he's got under his hood?" The ads were .concei"ed out of co-creator Jim Jolliffe told an interviewer for "Let's face it, Hyundai isn't known for making the sexiest . The strategy worked: Hyundai' 5 awareness rate for its commer- doubled . . The Diet Coke and Hyundai ads are a part of a new genre of "power babe" conlffi,orcials in which women enjoy the upper hand over men. 2 However. the flip j'power babe" movement is a diminution of male power in commercials. essentially a "zero-sum" game. '\\'hen one side gets power, it comes at the of another side. No new power can be added to the garne, and none can be 9 4 G e n d e r S t e r e o t y p e s l o s t ; i t c a n o n l y b e r e d i s t r i b u t e d , T h e r e f o r e , t h e n e w r a s h o f " p o w e r b a b e " a d s ' i n t e r e s t i n g s i n c e t h a t n e w l y a c q u i r e d p o w e r c o m e s a t t h e e x p e n s e o f m e n w b , o l ' o n g h e l d t h e u p p e r h a n d i n p r i n t a n d . t e l e v i s i o n c o m m e r c i a l s ....
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lester superbowl pt2 - 92 1991 to 1993 butbis blindness...

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