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JOU 455 – Mass Media & Diversity: Gender, Race, and Class Midterm Essay You will write an essay in which you discuss important issues relevant to the concept of diversity in the mass media. Please choose from one of the following essay prompts. Essay prompt #1: Discuss the ways the mass media perpetuate and reinforce constructions of sex, gender, and sexuality. Please support your argument with texts from the course or other relevant outside resources. An alternative approach, if you do not believe the media act in this way, is to provide supported rationale for your counter-argument. Essay prompt #2: Provide an interpretive review of a journal article relevant to issues of sex, gender, and sexuality in the mass media. This essay/critique should cover three main points: 1) Provide a short (no more than one full page) summary of the primary arguments and facts
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Unformatted text preview: presented in the article. (specifically, the author’s purpose, thesis, and approach) 2) Discuss the relevance of the article to the course and the concept of diversity in the mass media 3) Provide a critique of the article. This can and should include a critique of the study’s methods, the argument (agree or disagree and why), or any theoretical bases supporting the study’s argument. Formatting, etc Essays should must be a minimum of four full pages, double-spaced, written in Times New Roman, using either MLA or APA formatting. Essays are due in class at 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 9 . Please feel free to provide the instructor with a rough draft of your essay at least two days prior to the final due date....
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