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JOU 455 Spring11 syllabus

JOU 455 Spring11 syllabus - JOU 455 MASS MEDIA DIVERSITY...

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JOU 455 – MASS MEDIA & DIVERSITY: Gender, Race, and Class Spring 2011 Instructor Information Alfred J. Cotton III Office Hours: Thursday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and by appointment Office: EGJ-124 Phone: (859) 257-1365 E-Mail: [email protected] Class Information Classroom: Grehan 115 Meeting Times: MWF 11:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m. Required Readings Gender, Race and Class in Media: A Critical Reader . (2011). Gail Dines & Jean M. Humez, Eds., Sage Publications, Inc. Images That Injure: Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media . (2003). Paul M. Lester, Susan D. Ross, Eds., Praeger Publishers. Additional texts provided by the instructor. Videos provided by the instructor. Course Description This course aims to examine the role of the mass media in representing social constructions of gender, race, and class. The course will require students to discuss, learn, and write about concepts, theories, and ideas related to the aforementioned topic. Students will be asked to develop and present their own views, arguments, and possible resolutions of these issues. The course is designed to be a seminar and as such, regular attendance and participation in class discussion will be required. Assignments and Grading Response Papers: At the beginning of each week, students will submit a short response paper that articulates their interpretation of and critical reflection on the assigned reading for that week. Response papers should be about 1 ½ pages in length and no more than 2 full pages (not including citations, footnotes, headings, and/or titles). Each paper should have a clear direction and focus related to a single concept from the reading. In addition, the paper should close with a question to contribute to class discussion. Good papers are insightful, original, and demonstrate understanding of the central thesis of each reading. Response papers are not summaries of the readings, they should analyze key points in the readings with a discussion of personal or societal relevance. Group Presentations: Working with a group of other classmates, students will lead two class discussions. Students will either divide the material for their discussion session evenly or work collaboratively to present the material. Students can either use material chosen by the instructor or choose their own pre-approved material or a combination of both. Students should be prepared to explain the main issues, concepts and methods in the reading(s). In addition to
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answering questions, the groups should generate questions and discussion. Students may present short video clips or images to supplement their discussion. Remember that the class is 50 minutes long, students should plan accordingly. Students should leave space for questions from and to the other students. Most importantly, students
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JOU 455 Spring11 syllabus - JOU 455 MASS MEDIA DIVERSITY...

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