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Consumer Magazine Advertisement Portrayal of Models by Race in the US: An Assessment ROBIN T. PETERSON Department of Marketing, College of Business, New Mexico State University, New Mexico, USA A BSTRACT This study examined the frequency of portrayal, positive or negative depiction, relative hierarchy position, and relative social authority status of African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and White American models in a sample of consumer magazine advertisements, utilizing content analysis. A longitudinal framework was employed in the study to determine if the patterns of depiction have stabilized or have experienced meaningful change over a ten-year period. In contrast to previous studies, the results were generally that minority group models were frequently featured, relative to their proportion in the total US population, and they were depicted in a favorable manner, relative to White models, during the periods under consideration. K EY W ORDS : Advertising, portrayal, minorities, relative hierarchy, social authority Introduction Individual marketers may sometimes overlook and/or downplay the status of particular racial groupings, in their advertisements. The overall objective of this study was to assess the extent to which consumer magazine advertisements in the United States (A) present models by race, (B) depict the models favorably or unfavorably, (C) represent the relative hierarchy position of the models, and (D) present the relative social authority of the models–as evaluated by several analysts. The results of the study may be useful to some advertisers and their agencies, public policy administrators, researchers, journalists, educators, and others who have an interest in the manner whereby members of divergent ethnic groups are represented in advertising media. Recent periods have witnessed interest, on the part of advertising practitioners and researchers, in the manner whereby individuals of different races are represented in Correspondence Address: Robin T. Peterson, Department of Marketing, Box 5280, College of Business, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003, USA; Tel: + 1 (505) 646 5748. Email: [email protected] Journal of Marketing Communications Vol. 13, No. 3, 199–211, September 2007 1352-7266 Print/1466-4445 Online/07/030199–13 # DOI: 10.1080/13527260601086488
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advertising efforts. Certainly, this issue can exert a major bearing on the effectiveness of company promotion efforts and it has various social responsibility implications. In turn, the choice of models included in the advertisements is a decision element that is central to the issue. This manuscript describes a study, which addressed the selection of models by racial identity. Literature Survey
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Peterson(1) - Journal of Marketing Communications Vol 13 No...

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