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BIO 103 SECTION 229 - SUMMER II 2011 – COURSE SCHEDULE DATE DAY TOPIC CHAPTER SECTIONS Unit 1: Introduction to Course and to Scientific Method, Chemistry and Cells June 23 Thurs Course Introduction, review of course goals, and assessments The Scientific Method, hypothesis testing, and control groups Critically evaluating scientific claims Syllabus Schedule Chapter 1 Sections 1-5 June 24 Fri What is life, Chemistry of Life, Water and Biochemistry Chapter 2 Sections 1-3 June 27 Mon Nutrients, Enzymes and Metabolism. Chapter 3 Sections 1-2 June 28 Tues Cell Membranes and Transport. Body Fat and Health. Chapter 3 Sections 3-4 June 29 Weds The Greenhouse Effect, Carbon Flow and Cellular Respiration. Chapter 4 Sections 1-2 June 30 Thurs Photosynthesis and fossil fuels. Chapter 4 Sections 3-4 Unit 2: Genetics July 1 Friday Cancer. DNA Synthesis and Replication. Cell Cycle & Mitosis. Chapter 5 Sections 1-3 July 4 Mon Fourth of July – Academic Holiday July 5 Tues EXAM 1 over Unit One July 6
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