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Unformatted text preview: Economics 410 Dr. Minier Spring 2011 Foreign Aid Discussion Questions and Assignment On Wednesday, March 9 , we’ll have a class discussion of foreign aid in Africa. Online, there are articles from several economists who have written about foreign aid: Paul Collier, William Easterly, Dambisa Moyo, and Jeffrey Sachs, as well as an overview written by Nicholas Kristof that discusses the Easterly and Sachs books, along with three others. You can find a lot of other writing by these economists elsewhere online (including various disagreements between some of them). If you’ve read any of their books, feel free to base your responses on that if you’d like. You can read any combination of these articles, although I would recommend reading enough to get a general idea of each person’s perspective. Please note that the articles are on Blackboard due to copyright issues. There are two parts to this assignment: (1) briefly characterize each person’s perspective on the effectiveness of aid; (2) discuss whose writing you find the most convincing, particularly as it relates to...
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