150Lec15 - Lecture#15 Volcanism in Latin America(Abbott pp...

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Lecture #15: Volcanism in Latin America (Abbott, pp. 202, 230-235, 308-309) Mexico and Central America Volcanoes and earthquakes are common in Central America from central Mexico to northern Panama. They largely result from the subduction of the oceanic Cocos Plate under the western side of the continental North American Plate (Figure 3.3, p. 52). Numerous andesite volcanoes occur in Mexico, including: Paricutín , Popocatépetl , and Colima. ( Know at least the country of origin of the bolded volcanoes in these notes, be able to locate the country on a world map and know the properties listed in these notes for the bolded volcanoes. As stated in these notes (for example, the Galapagos Islands below), I will expect you to find the exact locations of some volcanoes on a map. ). Paricutín is Mexico's largest cinder cone , which consists of basalts and basaltic andesites (Figure 8.10, p. 193; Figure 8.25, p. 202). Colima is a 3850 meter high stratovolcano that has been periodically erupting since 1998. Popocatépetl is a stratovolcano that towers over Mexico City. The volcano is 5452 meters above sea level and is one of the highest volcanoes in the world. The northwestern side of Mexico has a number of interesting tectonic features. To the south of the Gulf of California, the Cocos Plate pinches out between its spreading zone with the Pacific Plate to the west and its subduction zone with the North American Plate to the east. In the southern portion of the Gulf of California, a short spreading zone exists
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150Lec15 - Lecture#15 Volcanism in Latin America(Abbott pp...

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