POLS 1101 Final Review - POLS 1101 11/17/10 Checks and...

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POLS 1101 11/17/10 Checks and balances, one of those checks is impeachment. Congress has impeached 16 individuals for various reasons: crimes, threatening constitutional ideals, removal, differences in policies. 11 Federal judges have been impeached; 7 of them were convicted and removed 2 presidents and 1 a cabinet member were impeached and acquitted. Why? Different standards. Gerald Ford once said that there were different standards for judges and presidents. Judges are in for life; the only way to remove a judge is through impeachment. For the president, it’s a higher standard. And the people will have a chance to be kicked out of office, or reach his limit for terms. Unless, what he has done is so severe that he should be kicked out before the next election. Mindset: what type of action should warrant impeachment? What if the President cheats about income taxes? What if he lies about public policy under oath? What if he doesn’t implement a bill he signs? What if he buys silence of witnesses for a scandal? What if he orders illegal surveillance on an American citizen? In 1974 the House Judiciary Committee considering the impeachment of Regan( check) “Because
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POLS 1101 Final Review - POLS 1101 11/17/10 Checks and...

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