The sunset provision for registration of am carrier

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Unformatted text preview: I6 13793826 NHF 7AN243 VERMILION NEBRASKA M404 NHF 7AN245 GAR US PREMIUM BEEF 14301014 NHF 7AN249 ALC BIG EYE D09N 14560689 NHF 7AN250 G A R CIMARRON 14222595 NHF 7AN251 LRA FORESIGHT 26C 14515789 NHF 7AN254 BROOKS NIGHT OFF 309 14551206 NHF Statement by AAA President on June 12, 2009 regarding registration of Angus cattle with the AM and NH genes First, it expands the window of opportunity in which members can continue to register heifers that are known carriers of these defects. The “sunset” provision for registration of AM-carrier heifers is now December 31, 2011. The “sunset” provision for registration of NH-carrier heifers is June 14, 2012. Beginning January 1, 2010, AM-carrier bulls – and June 15, 2010, NH-carrier bulls – will not be eligible for registration. Neuropathic Hydrocephalus, informally referred to as "water head", is a lethal genetic defect recently characterized in black Angus cattle that is believed to be transmitted via a simple recessive mode of inheritance. It apparently is different from the type of hydrocephalus dealt with years ago in the Hereford breed. A DNA test was quickly developed that has allowed the detection of carriers (heterozygotes) as well as homozygous normal (“NH free”) animals There is no problem with the use of descendents of carrier bulls that are themselves free of the defect 2010 Angus bull catalogs will likely state that no bulls that are not “free” will be offered In the sale. Newest Angus Defect – Fawn Calf Syndrome Dr. Jonathan Beever of the University of Illinois has made us aware of two unusual calves that appear to be affected by the condition commonly known as Fawn Calf Syndrome (FCS). These calves have been parent verified to be sired by 29AN1693 Connealy ALL AROUND. FCS is still being researched but indications from that research are that it is inherited as a simple recessive trait. Unlike AM and NH, this condition is not necessarily lethal. However, severely affected calves in extensive management conditions may have d...
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