Extended dumps deficiency of uridine monophosphate

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Unformatted text preview: in gestation and are reabsorbed (during the first two months) • Calving intervals are extended DUMPS – Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthase • Sires implicated: Skokie Sensation Ned • Incidence- Less than 2% of Holsteins were heterozygous at peak • Testing procedures: blood test for the activity of the enzyme uridine monophosphate synthase, heterozygotes have half the normal levels Complex Vertebral Malformation • CVM – a new recessive genetic disease of Holstein cattle • Homozygotes for CVM are usually aborted prior to day 260 of gestation • Those born in late gestation are always stillborn, usually prior to the due date • CVM calves have malformed legs with flexed and rigid pasterns and an abnormal curvature to the spine Full-term Holstein calf with CVM Complex Vertebral Malformation • CVM appears to have been spread within the Holstein breed by Bell, the same bull responsible for BLAD!! • Sons of Bell known to be carriers via DNA testing are: – Elton – Southwind – Belltone What is the extent of the CVM problem? • Bell – over 79,000 daughters and 1281 proven sons • Elton – over 26,000 daughters and 345 proven sons • Southwind – over 49,000 daughters and 309 proven sons • Belltone – over 45,000 daughters and 45 proven sons • Fatal – over 52,000 daughters worldwide and 104 proven sons, also a BLAD carrier What should be done about CVM? • Sires are being tested for CVM and their status will be added to their names. – Bulls testing negative (homozygous normal) will be labeled TV – Bulls testing positive (heterozygotes) will be labeled CV • Daughters and granddaughters of CV bulls should not be bred to CV sires How will bull studs deal with CVM? • Reduce or eliminate usage of CVM carrier bulls as sires of young sires • Superovulate only CVM negative cows as bull mothers • Test all young sires prior to beginning their progeny testing program, cull carriers of CVM • Over time, CVM will cease to be a problem Genetic Defects of Brown Swiss • Weaver Syndrome – Progressive degenerative...
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