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Unformatted text preview: ifficulties initially nursing without assistance and may be prone to mortality. This condition was first identified and investigated in Australia and research there indicates that the condition traces through the common ancestor Bon View Bando 598 to Premier Independence, the sire of his grandam, and possibly back to the dam of Independence. Fawn Calf Syndrome • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUt5fQ_ 3L20 • http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pd f_file/0011/336944/Congenital-contracturalarachnodactyly-in-Angus-cattle.pdf • All animals descend from cow • Freestate Barbara 871 of Kaf Hereford Defect Information Breeding Management • education is key – understand the possibilities – desired outcome • do nothing vs. “kill „em all” – up to individual breeders vs. mandatory testing and culling of all carrier animals • accurate identification of carriers – selective vs. comprehensive testing programs – voluntary vs. mandatory What to test? • expense vs. outcome – lowest cost – no affected calves born • test sires only – no affected calves will be born to TH-Free sires – moderate cost – on the road to elimination • test sires, herd matriarchs (donor cows) and replacement heifers – highest cost – complete management • test all animals in the herd – does not imply elimination, only management Dog Color Questions • Your Lab bitch is black but came from the mating of a yellow Lab to a chocolate Lab. You mate her to a chocolate Lab known to carry e. What ratio of colors would you expect in the puppies? • You mate your blue Dob known not to carry b to a “red” Dob that does not carry d, what color(s) and ratios would you expect in the puppies? • Your blue merle smooth-coated Collie whose dam was a “tri-headed” white, rough collie is bred to a sable, rough Collie whose dam was also a tri-headed white. What colorations do you expect (and ratios) in the resulting puppies?...
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