Selection in the carriers 80 of sons in ai service

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Unformatted text preview: cted calves given suspected frequency (This could indicate that some fetuses die in utero earlier in pregnancy) • recessive Mendelian inheritance • affected pedigrees in both Shorthorn and Maine Anjou breeds Potential Impact • putative common ancestor is early French or Canadian import • circa ~1975 – multiple generations of dispersion • multiplied in US • 40 of 121 popular club calf sires are carriers – potential for phenotypic selection in the carriers • >80% of sons in AI service that are sired by a popular carrier club calf sire are carriers Newest Genetic Defects • Curly Calf Syndrome, AKA: Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AMC) • Neuropathic Hydrocephalus • Both genes had as their “founder sire” GAR PRECISION 1690 Neuropathic Hydrocephalus, informally referred to as "water head", is a lethal genetic defect recently characterized in black Angus cattle that is believed to be transmitted via a simple recessive mode of inheritance. It apparently is different from the type of hydrocephalus dealt with years ago in the Hereford breed. A DNA test was quickly developed that has allowed the detection of carriers (heterozygotes) as well as homozygous normal (“NH free”) animals There is no problem with the use of descendents of carrier bulls that are themselves free of the defect 2010 Angus bull catalogs will likely state that no bulls that are not “free” will be offered In the sale. Select Sires Code Number Name Registration Number Hydrocephalus gene test result 7AN144 G A R PRECISION 1680 11520398 NHC 7AN209 G A R PINNACLE 13200618 NHC 7AN214 GAR DESIGNATION 13254445 NHC 7AN228 G A R PRECISION 9296 12717041 NHC 7AN233 LCC DILLON G689L 13934918 NHC 7AN248 G A R INTEGRITY 14222612 NHC 7AN257 G A R PREEMINENT 14506274 NHC 7AN265 G A R SIMPLICITY 14800786 NHC 7AN268 G A R RIGHT DIRECTION 15033947 NHC 7AN273 CONNEALY COMPASS 510E 15148739 NHC 7AN287 T D L NINE IRONS 3335S 15515072 NHC 7AN289 TEHAMA SILVERADO S105 15488048 NHC 7AN295 THOMAS SYNERGY 7261 15700047 NHC 7AN298 WAR ARCHITECT T040 15817542 NHC 7AN305 B/R 65R GENESIS 14385395 NHC 7AN178 BAR EXT TRAVELER 205 12452829 NHF 7AN194 RITO 6I6 OF 4B20 6807 12530601 NHF 7AN207 CRA BEXTOR 872 5205 608 13009379 NHF 7AN210 SS DECATUR 55H 13103836 NHF 7AN213 GAR GRID MAKER 13254554 NHF 7AN218 TOSU MICK 9301 13436290 NHF 7AN221 G A R RETAIL PRODUCT 13395329 NHF 7AN222 G A R PREDESTINED 13395344 NHF 7AN229 GAR YIELD GRADE 13724351 NHF 7AN234 RITO 1I2 OF 2536 RITO 6...
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