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1 MENDELIAN GENETICS IN DOGS Inheritance of Coloration in Dogs [Assume that the wild-type coloration is something similar to a typical gray wolf in coloration] A locus a y ... Partial to complete removal of black pigment resulting in sable (Collies and Shelties) or red to yellow in Boxers, Great Danes, Dachshunds, and other breeds. a w ...This gene, agouti or "wild type", which is assumed to be the responsible for the banded (black and yellow) coat of wolves, may also be found in Norwegian Elkhounds. a t ... Tan points over the eyes, on the cheeks, sometimes on the chest and feet and under the tail. Examples include Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers and "tri-color" Collies and Shelties. a . .. Non-agouti. A recessive gene that produces a solid black haircoat. It is fairly rare but is found in German Shepherds and Shelties. B locus B + ...Normal black pigmentation b ... liver (brown) pigmentation. This mutant is responsible for the "red" coloration in Aussies, chocolate Labradors, and liver-spotted Dalmations. C locus C + ... Normal full intensity of coloration c ch ... "Chinchilla" This mutant, when homozygous, partially removes red pigment while leaving black pigment essentially unchanged. Nearly white "yellow" Labrador Retrievers may carry this mutant. This gene may be responsible for black Cur dogs with white markings where the tan ones would normally be located. D locus
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2 D + ... Normal, full intensity of coloration d ... dilution of coloration, either red or black. It is responsible (when acting upon black) for the blue coloration of Dobermans, Great Danes and other breeds. E locus E m ... Black mask (on a fawn background due to a y a y at the A locus.) E + ... Normal extension of dark (black) pigment. e .... Yellow or red; complete restriction of black pigment. Responsible for the yellow/red coloration of Golden Retrievers, Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters and other Sporting Group Breeds. K locus K B Dominant black found in Labrador Retrievers and most black breeds. k br Brindle, stripes of black against a generally red or yellow background. k y Yellow or yellowish M locus M . ... The Merle gene removes pigment, primarily black, in blotched fashion as well as to increase the amount of white present. When heterozygous areas or "blue" and black are interspersed. When homozygous, nearly all pigment is removed leaving a basically white animal, sometimes with blue spots. The homozygote is often deaf and may be blind at times. This mutant is responsible for producing
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doggen - 1 MENDELIAN GENETICS IN DOGS Inheritance of...

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